Gratitude for the Medical community.

My younger brother had a hideous accident last week. He had a fall at home, shattering his left leg. The surgeons held off for a day to stabilize him before performing surgery because they were worried he would lose his patella (kneecap). The patella is not necessary to have, but it makes the leg look very deformed if it is removed. My brother is still young. He was worried about not walking, or walking with a limp, or needing a device like a cane or walker for the rest of his life. Lots of prayers were said. After surgery, the doctors said they saved the patella! My brother is in for a long, tough road of rehabilitation to be able to walk normally, but we have the highest hopes. Most Chiropractors are against everything that has to do with the medical community. I have always found this to be a very narrow viewpoint. My brother is a case in point. I am an exceptional doctor. I can assist in repairing even a horribly degenerated spine, but any Chiropractor would have been useless for my brother’s injury. A skilled surgeon was needed, and my brother got one of the best in the valley. I will always be grateful for medical care when it handles a situation like this. Barry Stanley, D.C., C.I.C.E. Active Life Health and Wellness

Suffering with Carpel Tunnel

My name is Kymberly; I am the front desk manager here at Active Life Health and Wellness. I was 18 years old when I first started seeing symptoms of my carpel tunnel. When all of this began to happen, I was just about to graduate from cosmetology school. I knew that this was going to affect my plans for the future. If I can’t use my arms and hands, how can I function properly on the job? I went to my medical doctor who told me I have the option of surgery, or to wear a wrist guard to help ease the pain. I did not want to go with surgery because there was a 50% chance of the symptoms returning. I didn’t want to give up on my schooling. I worked in a salon for almost a year until I could no longer perform adequately due to the pain. It’s been about three years since then, and I’ve found myself working here at Active Life Health and Wellness in beautiful North Las Vegas. When I first began working at Active Life Health and Wellness, I’d never been to a Chiropractor. Dr. Joshua Purcell and Dr. Barry Stanley required that I go through our new patient examination so that I could begin care here as well. I explained my situation to the doctors. They told me that the pain I was having would not have been corrected with surgery because the source of the problem is the fact that I have no curve in my neck. Dr. Stanley and Dr. Purcell explained to me that because I don’t have a curve in my neck, the nerves in my neck are being cut off and causing pain where those nerves end; in my hands. They told me that if I began Chiropractic care and restored the curve in my neck, my carpel tunnel symptoms would more than likely subside. I have since been going through treatment in the office and I am having major success! I have noticed that I am able to have my hands above my head for longer periods of time, unlike before. Also, my palms no longer have an ‘achy’ feeling. Even though I am not doing a full course of treatment in the office, I am still seeing results. I know that this could eventually affect my entire lifestyle and allow me to do what I love doing once again.

Chiropractic and Children

What a lot of people don’t know is how great Chiropractic is for children. Our patients range from newborn children to the elderly. The babies, of course, don’t get the type of adjustment that older children and adults get. It’s a simple spinal movement made by the doctor’s fingertips, using mainly the thumbs. It’s extremely gentle and has been known to help extremely irritated babies stop crying soon after. Chiropractic for children is a great, natural way to keep kids healthy and make sure that they are living to their healthiest, fullest potential with a strong spine and a nervous system that is funtioning at 100%. Many people don’t realize how traumatic the birthing process can be on a child. When a child is born, it’s body is not entirely developed yet, including the bones. The spine is one of the most important structural developments we have in our body because it is what allows us to walk upright, to have the range of motion vital for staying healthy,  and it provides the means for our brain to connect to our bodies. The spine is made up of bones, just like the rest of the skeleton. During the birthing process, those bones can move out of place from being pulled out of the canal, or once the child is picked up. If those shifts in the spine don’t get corrected, the child’s spine could literally start growing in that compromised position. Chiropractic has been shown to help ease restless babies, colic, and ear infections. Although it is important to get your children check just for wellness, here are some more reasons/signs you should bring your children in for Chiropractic care: If they are active in sports Recurrect colds or flus ADHD Recurrect Ear Infections Allergies Bedwetting Sleeping problems If you notice any signs of their posture being poor (i.e. one shoulder lower than the other, head leaning forward of body, head cocked to one side) Any complaints of stiffness or pain in the neck, back, or hips